Content Marketing Launch

Course Summary

Over the next six weeks, you and your team will be involved in a Content Marketing Launch project. We will support you with the right training, mentorship and onboarding - you will be expected to work offline and meet with your team online to ensure that your tasks are on track.

This isn't a university course. We're going to teach you the tricks that entrepreneurial hustlers do on a daily basis to get sh*t done and hopefully make it big one day.

Course Instructor

Eddy Chan
Eddy Chan

The accidental startup guy, Eddy fell into the world of technology and life hacks after one late night Product Hunt session. Known for being resourceful and organised, he's worked with dozens of startup founders on their operational experience. He is all about productivity, efficiency and discipline (something he picked up from his military training!)

In his spare time he enjoys being a bit of a hipster on Instagram and chief ambassador for the derricious salted egg pork in Singapore. Eddy holds a Marketing major from Monash University in Melbourne.

He's here to oil the wheels for your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QLC.io?
QLC.io helps ambitious and highly skilled corporate professionals explore alternative career and lifestyle opportunities.
What is the average project like?
A project takes place for four to six weeks where you will be matched with an innovative startup, social enterprise or creative project to gain experience, mentorship and education.
What will I get out of a project?
Each week is jam-packed with knowledge-dropping learnings and experiences to elevate your career. Once you complete the project, you’ll feel empowered with a new set of skills and industry insight to take back to your current job, or be ready to take the next step.
Why should I pay for this?

The registration fee covers the structured schedule, mentorship and training materials. More importantly, you're paying for a foot into some of the most innovative companies around the world, as well as connect with like-minded participants you otherwise wouldn't meet.

Will I get paid for this?

No remuneration is expected during the duration of the short term project. Treat this as your gateway to something new, something different. After the completion of the project, it's up to you to negotiate with your project owner to see whether you want to join the team on a part-time / full-time salary basis.

What type of support do I get during a project?

We provide a fast paced framework to keep you focused and accountable for your progress. We will guide you on identifying your current objective and risks in your business tasks as well as planning experiments to meet your objectives and de-risking your business tasks systematically.

What is the business looking to get out of a project?

Our businesses are in a stage of rapid growth, and they would be glad to receive help and support from some of the smartest and most passionate professionals in the world. In most cases, they're also looking to make their first company hires. They might not be Facebook or Twitter, but they sure hope to be some day.

What if the project I join isn't available anymore?

We make things work. If the project is fully booked, we'll offer to place you with a similar project or offer you a full refund.

Will there be a conflict with time zone differences?

As much as we can, we will ensure that there is no conflict in meeting up online even with time zone differences. There will be recorded video sessions for those unable to make group calls.

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